Any Size Coffee $1

$1 Coffee*

Great Coffee Doesn’t have to Cost More

At 7-Eleven, you always make your coffee – the way you want it. That’s the beauty of our coffee bars. Choose from our selection of 100% Premium Arabica coffees proudly roasted in Canada.

Whether it’s our medium-roast Exclusive Blend, our Brazilian Dark Roast, or exclusive World Roast blends, plus iced coffee and espresso options, lattes, cappuccinos…your options never end. Grab your cup here – it’s fast, it’s fresh and it’s conveniently priced at all of $1.00 (Small or Medium); regardless of the drink you’re making.

Plus, you won’t need to befriend our barista – because you won’t find one here. Besides, you’re in a hurry, and you want your coffee your way. So why risk it? Make your coffee perfect every time – and dress it up how you see fit…Two pumps of sugar free vanilla? One cream, one pump of hazelnut with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a few mini marshmallows for good luck? Choose from syrups, flavours, coffee creamers, flavour toppers. Go on; customize your coffee like only YOU can. Without the painful line-ups, no less. How fresh is that?

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Give your beverage a bevy of personality

Top up your beverage the way only you can. With sugar, with cream, with milk, with sweetener, with flavoured creams, with a dusting of cinnamon or chocolate. Mini marshmallows? Anyone?

Exclusive Blend

If you’re looking for a sweet, aromatic all-day coffee, try 7-Eleven’s exclusive blend of Arabica – featuring the best beans around. Our Exclusive Blend coffee is medium roast with a balanced flavour, medium body and mild acidity. A blend of different origins, including Colombia, Brazil and Central American coffees. Add a fresh baked goodie and you’ll be unstoppable. Truly.

Brazilian Dark Roast Blend

A classic gourmet Coffeehouse style offering, this java is 70% Brazilian and 30% Colombian. The result? A darker, richer profile, with low acidity, medium-full body and a soft balanced flavour. One, rich cup of sweet, nutty magic.

Columbian Single Origin

This medium roast, single-origin coffee has balanced flavour full bodied Juan-of-a-kind features subtle sweet and nutty notes courtesy of the best beans the region has to offer. Taste the pride of Bogota. Pour a cup of freshness and quality you can count on.


Rich in flavour, and texture. A beverage sure to deliver a lot of wows (or should we say mama mias?) Enjoy a cup of Italia’s finest upon your next visit.

Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolate is every bit as rich as it is smooth- and every bit as chocolaty as it is heavenly. Warm up your taste buds even more by adding mini marshmallows. Can you say decadent?

Vanilla Latte

Who doesn’t love the subtle delight of vanilla? That was rhetorical. And what could be a better way to welcome the day than with a hot, fresh, steamy, sweet latte prepared exactly how you lust it? Again, rhetorical.

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What pairs perfectly with our Premium, fresh coffee? We’ll give you three tasty visual cues:


Fresh Baked Cookies

Our fresh baked cookies are just that - fresh, And they’re baked right here, in-house. Indulging has never been more amazing.


English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches

Enjoy a hot breakfast sandwich, tastefully created with your taste buds in mind - with egg, cheese and your choice of sausage or ham. Waking up has never been more rewarding.



A wholesome breakfast to go, moist and way too good for words. But here’s four words, you know, just in case you were wondering: wow, yum, yes and mmmm.


Freeday Fridays

Fridays just got way more fun. And way more free. Because when you download or use our 7-Eleven app, you’ll be treated to some sweet freebies - every Friday. Unless the freebies are salty. Or cheesy. Or rich and creamy. In any event, you’ll crave Fridays like never before. Whoo-hooo!

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